Stacey Moves

Monday, January 21, 2008

21 january, 2008.  by twelve midnight tonight i will have been sober for three weeks exactly.  big deal? you say.  but this may be the longest i've gone without a drink since i started drinking in college.  ah, the days of frat parties and drom (for those of you not familiar with drom, that's what theatre geeks at usc call the drama's amazing, and complete debauchery.)  i can't say i miss those days, but i recall them with a smile...and a subtle shaking of the head.  now, however, my life is turning in a vastly different direction.  i've moved from born-and-bred catholic schoolgirl in tucson, to usc sorority girl, then QUICKLY to usc theatre student, to college grad, to angst-ridden actress in LA, to aspiring yogi, to angst-ridden ex-girlfriend, to the twenty-four year old living in mom and dad's house, to the lost and lonely wino,  to sure-i'll-move-to-texas girl, to assistant store manager of lululemon athletica/yoga teacher.  sheesh.  and i continue to forge ahead.  recalling the past, creating the future, and sometimes bringing the two together in surprising ways (if you're out there, you know who you are.)  i have always possessed a pretty keen intuition- sometimes confusing what was actually "stay away/get away from this tool" for "ooh, you're sexy," but c'est la vie.  the point of it all is to constantly refer back to myself as the ONLY gauge for success/happiness/perfection.  the more i refine my sense of self, the more accurate my measurements.  and the more pure my body and mind, the shinier and brighter the Self.  if this keeps up, i may just end up living my wildest dreams.