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Sunday, October 01, 2006

if dogs can be an accessory, so can red wine. i don't dress it in pearl collars or keep it under my arm at all times (keep it under my arm at all times...hmmm) but red wine gives me a certain quality, an energy that some glean from shih-tzu's and chihuahua's. red wine doesn't poop or yap or require hundreds of dollars worth of medication. find me a cooler accessory. find me a better companion! well, i can think of a few companions that don't stain my teeth or wake me up in the middle of the night for no good reason or leave me with a headache and strange body aches, but i can GUARANTEE you that those alternatives aren't nearly as delicious. well, maybe dancing. or really good kissing. but add red wine to either of those and what do you get? DELICIOUSNESS. can i confess something? this blogging thing leaves me feeling a little exposed (and i like it) but in all seriousness, i can't quite uncover what it is i'm actually trying to say. express. convey. so i'll leave it at this- red wine is delicious. hangovers (inevitable) are bitches. being single is often lonely. commitment is a lot of (f*ing) work. so what is better? or preferable? being sober, teeth sparkling white, head clear? red wine, exotic visions (hallucinations?) and romantic musings? singlehood, girlfriends and late-night chats on the phone? commitment, passion and late-night nookie? i have no idea. i'm open to your thoughts.
signing off............


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