Stacey Moves

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Observations (cont'd): Initial interaction between Red Monkey and host "Stacey" showed positive growth and potential, however prolonged exposure eventually began to deplete host's immune system and sense of humor. Exchange of currency revived host temporarily but was insufficiently supportive in relation to Red Monkey's monotonous conversation topics and requests. Reccomend gradual removal and supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and male interaction.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The joy of living at home comes not only from the freedom to live each month rent-free, but also in that Mom and Dad eat out often, and buy groceries. With joy comes suffering (after all, life is suffering), and in this particular case the cure also seems to be the cause. I pay no rent, therefore I have no ownership over anything; it is Mom and Dad's house- they live there, i.e. they are everywhere. It seems as though this move home (back into the "belly of the beast" is my favorite way to describe it) is a sort of petri dish study: we have a controlled environment in which specific inhabitants are introduced to multiple foreign substances and observed. I have taken on the role of petri dish inhabitant, foreign substance, one who injects foreign substance into petri dish, and observer.

Substance 1: Employment (Red Monkey Studio)- best described as health and fitness haven for Upper-Middle class women, aged 30-60 years.
Hypothesis: host substance will interact well with Red Monkey Studio due to its genetic similarities of "health and fitness training." Suspect same-sex relationship to prove beneficial.
Observations: (TBD)