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Sunday, September 02, 2007

my blogging adventure began with my move home. now i revisit my blog after having moved again, once more to a place i never dreamed of going. i live in texas. now to all you texans out there, please do not take offense. i was basing my opinions purely on my distrust of G.W., not because of any cold-hard facts which proved to me that texas was terrible. and, to offer an even bigger olive branch, i happen to be loving texas. the lone-star state sure gets a bad rap out there. i mean, really, have you ever been anywhere that's perfect?? we always make exceptions when we really love a place, but there are idiots everywhere, and gems to be discovered also. i have found a gem in houston, and it's made me a believer in the great state of texas. i am already involved in a beautifully committed yoga and dance community, as well as taking advantage of some amazing museums, venues and cultural events i've seen. minus the fact that there are little to no outdoor activities taking place, or even possible, in houston, i am thrilled to be living here.


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