Stacey Moves

Thursday, June 07, 2007

alright, stop, collaborate and listen. stace is back with a brand new edition.

you think you know, but you have no idea.

nor do i, actually. life has a funny way of doing that. pierced, tattooed, short-haired carnivore who teaches yoga and gets drunk sometimes while watching foreign films. did i mention that i'm single?

i can't stop waking up at 6am and i wish that meant i was waking up to do yoga or go for a walk. but, i just wake up instead, head for the coffee pot and watch 'frasier' re-runs while eating cereal.

my life is pleasant, but not exciting; happy, but not joyful; full, but not meaningful. i am smart, but not brainy; fuller, but not zaftig; kind, but not saintly.

i crave music and dancing. i want to be an actress but i don't want to go to hollywood. i love flirting but i don't think i have the talent. or maybe i meant 'acting.' "for in truth, i fear i am terrible at it." does love get you everywhere? certainly not. but nothing is truly possible without love. make sense? i love traveling and i wish i could do it for free.