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Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome to the Week in Review with our fabulous host, Stacey. This week's topic: Unemployment. For centuries, Unemployment didn't exist; families delegated tasks and chores to individuals, and the village pooled resources to make those really big purchases for the common good, like sacrificial altars and precious metals to make cow bells. In modern times, however, Unemployment threatens the progress of economies worldwide. In today's story, we will follow the struggle of our very own host, Stacey (who, by the way, is doing this pro bono). As a young woman in America today, Stacey has trouble finding work in her area of specialty; Stacey is an artist, an entertainer of the masses, an advocate and a humanitarian working for peace and global unity. Her education includes twelve years of Catholic education, a B.A. from the University of Spoiled Children, mime training, the London Theatre Program from the British American Drama Academy and over 200 hours of professional Yoga training from one of the country's most respected schools. So why is it that this multi-faceted girl cannot find a job that pays well without asking her to sacrifice her soul?? Isn't it ironic that a caucasion with a Christian foundation, as well as a degree from a school known for it's capitalist connections, can't find work? Is she overly qualified? Or is it something else? I asked Stacey a few questions that may shed some light on the issue.
Stacey: How long have you been looking for a job?
Stacey: Well, it's not that I haven't found a job, it's that I have yet to find a job I really like.
Stacey: What have you been doing?
Stacey: I worked at Gold's Gym for a while, starting my shift at 4:30am and I made $8 an hour. Then I got an internship with a Yoga magazine where I worked full-time and made $400 a month. Then I worked for a Yoga studio which was pretty cool, but I moved. And most recently I worked for a Pilates studio where I sat behind a desk for five hours a day, checking my email and occasionally asked the wealthy for money. I quit.
Stacey: So what do you want to do?
Stacey: I want to be paid to act, dance, write and direct.
Stacey: And what is keeping you from doing that?
Stacey: My belief that I should be able to do only that and not have to work a crap job for rent money.
Stacey: Are other people your age in the same position?
Stacey: Well, most other people my age are working jobs they don't really like for rent money.
Stacey: So, what you're saying is, you are just too stubborn to get off your ass and get a job so that you can afford to pursue your art.
Stacey: Um... no, I wouldn't exactly... well... it's like... okay, fine. Yeah.
Stacey: If I could just offer you one bit of advice: Suck it up. Get on with it. Enjoy your friends and family and be true to yourself.
Stacey: Word.

That's all the time we have left for this edition of The Week in Review with Stacey. Please join us next time for up-to-the-minute headlines, global news coverage and amusing insights with the one, the only, the slightly desperate, but oh-so-compassionate, Stacey.


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