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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Experiment: Reintegration of substance, Stacey, into former habitat, Los Angeles. Duration- four days.
Hypothesis: stress resulting from onslaught of Los Angeles traffic and overwhelming emotions upon reuniting with ex-boyfriend of four years will cause panic, nausea and mental/physical/emotional trauma. Alcohol consumption: high. Sleep: little to none.
Day 1: first impressions of interaction positive; evidence of joy and relief upon arriving in Los Angeles, even while driving on 110/101 freeways. Immediately drove to former yoga sanctuary, resulting in calm mental state and energized physical body. Former residence felt welcoming and even soothing. As meeting with former boyfriend approached, alcohol consumption increased. Due to Fourth of July festivities, combination of alcohol/barbeque resulted in mild nausea. Actual interaction between Stacey and former flame proved mild and painless.
Day 2: reunited with former roommate and longtime confidante in West L.A. long walk on the beach followed by dinner/drinks at Library Ale House. Charming waiter carried already buoyant mood to new level. Night made complete by beer/Coyote Ugly/sleepover.
Day 3: returned to yoga sanctuary for yet another calming/energizing yoga class with yoga goddess, Hala. Reunion of former employees resulted in free pass to sister studio and day spa for free use of steam/sauna/hot tubs. Followed by delicious organic vegan meal at favorite restaurant. Positively self-indulgent cycle rounded out with semi-awkward date with former-former boyfriend from freshman year. Free meal. Late to bed after visiting friend's rehearsal for slightly sadistic musical, Marat-Sade.
Day 4: difficulty waking after little- no sleep (as predicted) remedied with two cups strong coffee. Energized further by late brunch with favorite girls at favorite restaurant (excluding favorite vegan restaurant). Troubled by Los Angeles traffic enough to cause swearing and offensive mudras in car, but ultimately avoided trauma/panic response. Purchased various herbal supplements to aid in L.A. detox program following visit. Afternoon spent relaxing with good book in preparation for dancing at local hangout, the Short Stop. As expected, Short Stop proved entertaining and lively; excellent tunes provided by friends and DJ's, Ian and Tony. Night lasted longer than expected. Lessons learned: being single is the way to be (for now), dancing is the most fun thing to do, waiting around for other people to validate your existence is a) pointless b) painful c) silly.
Conclusion: L.A. still remains a "home" environment for Stacey. Brief respite from traffic, drama, and ex-boyfriends has resulted in new attitude toward city and life in general. Feelings of longing and confusion present.


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